The lovely home of Persimmony Catnap. 
09.05.11 /09:26
Love her style.
Lievre’s no.47.
09.04.11 /23:25
Raiding my 18,500+ item inventory is not easy. I think I should spend some time throwing out all the crappy fashion choices and freebies I’ve been holding onto over the last 3 years.
What I am excited about is finding this beautiful satchel bag from Fleshtone for an amazing price of L$70. Now isn’t that good value? It comes in 13 colours of which I bought the beige. 
06.07.11 /11:26
06.07.11 /11:25
Pose:[POSER ALERT] - Red tie femme L$25 garage sale
Hair: *ARGRACE* - Fedora Hat “glamourous wavy” (black)
Sweater: TokiD - Knit top (an old Teahunt prize)
Shirt: *Thimbles* <3Plaid - Dennis Hybrid 1T
Shorts & belt: Malt Fashions - Denim Shorts in Brown 
Bag: Fleshtone - The Beige Satchel 
Glasses: Gudshu Block
06.07.11 /11:25/ 1
I’ve just started the Black Butler hunt which will certainly keep me busy this weekend. So far I have found the first three prizes but I’m liking what I’m seeing.
Hair: Kin - Tsuyayaka (Black with pink highlights)
Ruffled Shirt and long socks: !1mm*** Black Butler Hunt prize no.1
Skirt: Blow up - Mini skirt cocktail (black russian)
Sticky-outy tongue: -FW Alois tongue, Black Butler Hunt prize no.0
06.05.11 /02:56
06.03.11 /00:02
Something for the home.
 BP* update free gift consists of a brown leather box with wooden cups (with and without shadows) in 3 different sizes. 
Hair (with hat) -++AY.Line++ - Raspberry (cocoa)
Bandaid - Bubblez Design - MyMelody bandaid (free)
Bracelet: :::Sn@tch - Royal bangles
Top: Narwhal - relax-a-ma-cat (blue)
06.03.11 /00:02
Hair - Tram A330 (free)
Eye bandage - BB (free)
Jacket - En Svale - denim jacket, bleach
Top - BBT Ank 004
Skirt - AV - skirt beige lace (free)
Tights -AV - Stockings furnet white (free)
06.01.11 /00:13/ 1
06.01.11 /00:12
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